Powerful Principles

Foundations For Success

At iTK9, our foundational elements are the core principles we turn that help us to achieve the pack-like unit we are today. Essential to each dogs' success are the processes and skills we have established over the years, and will continue to provide to our clients and team.

What Drives Us

Core Values

Our team of professionals are fully committed to helping owners improve the relationship they have with their pets as many ways as we can. We have a passion for animals and an intense drive to educate owners to the best of our ability.


We are committed to providing the highest quality service, results & support to meet the individual needs of our clients.


We aim to communicate effectively and always find a way to achieve the best results.


We opperate on a strong moral foundation and pride ourselves on the honesty and accountability we hold true.


The best results are achieved only when we work as a team. Together we share a mutual respect and a client-centered approach.


As industry leaders we are driven and dedicated to our core values while upholding the highest level of dog training expertise.


We are devoted to the success of our clients and remain true to our expertise and training methods.


Our culture is built on the premise of respect, helpfulness, compassion, and postive attitudes.


We are dedicated to providing a community that inspires growth, support, and happy homes.

Striving For Success


Our mission is to provide a healthy balanced lifestyle for you and your dog by creating a calm and stable state of mind.

At iTrainK9 our goal is to provide obedience and behaviour modification training for you and your pet through our continued education and expertise.

Our training is completely individualized and designed to shape your pet into a happy, obedient and well balanced family companion. We will teach you how to continue training, encourage calm and relaxed behavior, and how to maintain a healthy relationship with your pet.

Let us show you what your pet is capable of. You will be pleasantly surprised at the results we can achieve.


Stress-Free Lifestyle


We believe that all training should start with a good foundation.

We at iTrainK9 are here to educate dog owners on the necessary components to live stress free without the worry of inappropriate behaviour and build a balanced and healthy relationship with your dog.

We use a variety of motivational techniques depending on your dog’s individual needs. The majority of our training concentrates on creating a calm and stable state of mind which in turn produces a dog who is happier, more confident and reliable. A good understanding of the necessary daily structure along with the appropriate life skills (owner and dog) will significantly reduce the behaviours associated with stress, arousal and anxiety.
Boxer Jumping Away

Board & Train Dog Programs

Time To Get Better

If you want your dog to come home with better manners, solid obedience and improved behaviour, we will give you exactly that. If you want to attend weekly group classes or private lessons at the lowest possible cost, our board and train programs are not for you. We focus on results that you can trust. Done right the first time.

Follow the pack

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