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Board & Train Dog Obedience Programs

One Bad Socialization Experience Can Cause Behaviour Issues

Learning how to remain calm, content and make proper choices around other dogs is crucial. No one wants a dog who feels the need to run up in every other dog’s face. Know your options. Talk to a professional now.
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About ITK9

Happy & Obedient Family Pets

Our training is completely individualized and designed to shape your pet into a happy, obedient and well balanced family companion. We will teach you how to continue training, encourage calm and relaxed behavior, and how to maintain a healthy relationship with your pet.

Build a Healthy Relationship

Understand Basic Commands

Create a Calm & Stable State of Mind

Humane & Effective Approaches

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Building The Mindset & Knowledge Of Your Dog

Understanding Obedience Dog Training

Every dog that goes through one of our programs is trained in different environments. This helps ensure that behaviour is properly established instead of just seen as a way to behave when with us. Depending on the length of program you choose, expect a minimum of 7 field trips (up to 21) for your dog to learn proper behaviour across different environments. Further, as part of our board & train programs, your dog will be socialized with other dogs - an especially important aspect when considering socialization skills.

8 Week Program

On & Off-Leash
Sit Stay
Down Stay
Structured Walk

Severe Behaviour Issues

Leash Reactivity
Doorbell Reactivity

Included Extras

Treadmill Training
Confidence Building
Relationship Games
2 Go-Home Lessons
Our 8 week program allows your dog enough time to address behavioural issues across multiple environments while practicing reliable obedience.

4 Week Program

Structured Walk

Severe Behaviour Issues

Leash Reactivity
Doorbell Reactivity


Resource Guarding

3 Week Refresher

Previous Attendees
This program is for dogs who have previously attended a board and train program and need to get back on track. We will improve on any and all behaviour or commands that were taught but have regressed since your dog has been home.

Foundational Skills

As stated above, every dog is different. Although, with the right amount of will power, dedication and time, a lot can be achieved. Through our programs the below commands can be expected coupled with establishing proper behaviour.


  • Not to jump up
  • To refrain from nipping and gnawing
  • Barking to demand food, toys, attention, etc.
  • Pawing at furniture, doors, etc.
  • Mouthing in a playful manner as this may lead to serious consequences in the future
  • Crate manners

Commands & Activities

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay in place
  • Heel
  • Recalls
  • Loose leash walking
  • Treadmill training
  • Thresholds (waiting at doorways)

Obedience Training Success Stories

Training Done Right

At ITK9 we pride ourselves on our past client success stories and love our community. Every story is different and requires its own approach.
Dog Being Hugged By Owner
I would like to send a Big thank you to Jason and Megan. They helped shape Picco and Stripe into dogs that people want to be around.

Tracey M from Milton
Jason is a God !! We truly could not be happier about training with him , our 2.5 year old Shepard has shown major improvement since starting with him only 2 weeks ago. We cannot thank Jason enough for showing us how to understand our pup and all around have a better and stronger relationship with him. We look forward to continuing training with Jason!

Monique N from Toronto
German Sheppard Going For Walk
A Trained Dog Looking Straight Ahead

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You Need A Solid Foundation

Our main goal is to provide you with a happy and obedient animal. Your dog will be with a professional trainer 24/7 and support will be continued as your pet eases out of our training program.