Is iTrainK9 the right company for me?

iTrainK9s programs will work best with you if you are 100% dedicated to putting in the required work to continue your dog’s success once he/she dog goes home. You have to be willing to make the necessary lifestyle adjustments and be completely comfortable with the tools we use. At the end of our program your dog will have a much more relaxed state of mind, a new lifestyle and will have improved obedience and manners.

Can you guarantee results?

Our programs include many factors that aid in achieving the best results at home from daily practice, health and age of the dog, along with learning our different methods of training. It is very important for dogs with multiple owners to agree to stick to the rules and boundaries and training techniques set at training. Unfortunately we do not go home with you after our Board and Train Programs; therefore we are unable to make any guarantees or refunds under any circumstances.

Do you offer classes?

At iTrainK9 we specifically focus on the board and train. We are able to train your dog multiple times a day throughout the duration of the program. Because of this the results achieved are much more efficient than private training and group classes.

Do you train pit bulls?

Yes. 90 percent of our training is positive reinforcement through play, movement, food, toys and praise. We also focus on relationship building. These all increase wanted behaviour and are necessary for you dogs learning process.

Do you use corrections/punishment?

Absolutely! Correction or punishment is information given to your dog. We use corrections to motivate your dog not to continue bad behaviours, just like we reward a dog to motivate him to continue good behaviour. Corrections are a part of all animal learning and when used properly are highly effective.

How fast will my dog learn?

All dogs learn at different speeds even with the individualized approach we take. Each dog has different issues and each issue can affect every dog differently. No two dogs are the same. There is never an end to training. It is up to you to continue training once your dog is home and continue to maintain the behaviours we have taught and the improvements we have made.

How old does my dog have to be to start your puppy training program?

12 weeks is the minimum age

What is involved in the training when my dog comes home?

A lot of rules! We provide you with a 30 day program and many informational and detailed handouts on how to proceed with living with your dog successfully. It is very important that the lifestyle provided by us at training is followed as closely as possible back home. This allows for an easier transition for yourself and your dog.

What shots or medications does my dog need to join your program?

Rabies, Boardatelle, Distemper, Fecal Float, Parvo, Tick Medication (proof of up-to-date) and Forti Flora (started 2 days before drop off). We also require a health screen from your vet to ensure your dog is in good health.

What tools do you use?

We use a variety of tools but we mainly use the prong collar, e collar, flat collar, place mat and the crate. All of these tools help us teach your dog all of his/her skills and allow us to be crystal clear with our communication.

What type of training do you use?

Permission based training. In our opinion it is most highly effective training there is when it comes to training a calm and well-mannered family pet. This saves the dog from making unwanted decisions on their own. It helps us guide the dog to make better and important decisions.

Will my dog remember me after the Board and Train?

Yes, your dog will remember you. Your dog is just on a training vacation. He/she will also be very busy training, going on field trips, and will be well cared for.

Will your dog be groomed during his/her stay?

Your dog will have a bath at the end of the program and we will trim your dog’s nails and brush if need be. We recommend dogs with hair that is easily matted to be trimmed down or shaved before program start.
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