Golden Retriever Sitting Down

Be The Leader Your Dog Wants You To Be

July 2, 2020
By Jason Trainer

Your Dog Needs A Leader

Stop feeding your dog the soft stuff. You are disabling him. It is not fair to put all of your emotions on to a dog who probably has a hard time with his own.

Your dog is ready to move on and become a strong-minded, calm, happy, and most importantly STABLE member of your family. Your rescue dog needs rules and boundaries, environmental exposure, strict structure, and a leader!!!

This will create a much healthier state of mind for your dog. Your dog will soon start to trust and respect you. Be the pack leader that your dog needs you to be.

The iTrainK9 one month board & train obedience program focuses on teaching your dog to remain calm in various environments and work on their issues.

Your dog will learn to be recalled reliably, sit, stay, down, drop it, car & crate manners, indoor off-leash, environmental exposure, and more.

We address multiple behavioral issues including leash pulling, doorbell reactivity, jumping, excessive or demanding barking, etc.

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