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You Might Be Hurting Your Adopted Dog

October 5, 2020
By Jason Trainer

Most owners are all about adopting dogs. What better than saving a dog’s life and giving it a home!

Unfortunately, you may be doing your family and the dog disfavor. In many cases, the dog’s history is unknown. Depending on the history, it may have developed some sort of behaviour issue, most likely doesn’t have any training, or may have never even lived in a home setting (street dogs).

Some things to look for before adopting a dog are:

• Proper screening process to ensure you’re are a good fit for that particular dog

• Rescue is honest about the dogs issues

• Rescue offers training, a trainer or advice

• Rescue is clean

• Staff is educated

• Make sure they aren’t taking and giving dogs quickly for profit

It is very important that the above are looked at. There are many rescues that are rescuing as many dogs as possible and putting them into incapable homes.

Yes, it may feel good to know you’re saving a dog’s life. But are you? Are you prepared for what may be coming?

Most of the time rescue dogs are riddled with behavioural issues and if you can’t afford training or don’t have the time to offer that dog the proper lifestyle (no its not by coddling and feeling sorry for the dog that's the last thing they need) things can get ugly very quickly.

We’ve seen rescue dogs take over homes who aren’t experienced enough, some dogs jump from home to home and then end up being put down because of this.

——> Our message here is this: if you are inquiring about a rescue or even a puppy from a breeder please understand it doesn’t end there. It's just the beginning. Be prepared for behaviour issues, preplan obedience or behavioural modification training with a reputable company, discuss rules and boundaries in the home with family members (this will be one of the most important aspects), crate train, and make TIME!

We aren't saying not to adopt a rescue dog, but please do it properly and don’t fall for the commercials and advertisements to feel pressured to adopt. Take your time and plan ahead.

Adopting or buying a dog impulsively is never a good idea.

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