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The Importance of Puppy Training

February 4, 2020
By Jason Trainer

Puppies are adorable bundles of energy. They are naturally curious about the world and love to explore, meet new people, and get a bit messy from time to time. However, they can also be a handful when it comes to making sure they stay safe and do not threaten other people or dogs.

It is important to remember that puppies are the equivalent of small children. They can bite, cry, or make a mess of the house and learn their own bad behaviour if you leave them alone for long enough. That is why puppy training is so important—it can transform an unruly young dog into a well-behaved pup that always minds its manners and acts respectfully.

Want to find out more about puppy training? In this article, our canine experts go over all there is to know about the basics of puppy training and why it is so crucial that new dog owners act quickly to enroll their puppies in this important rite of passage.

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When to Start Puppy Training

As the saying goes, the best time to start was yesterday, the second-best time is today. When you take a puppy home for the first time, it is important that you enroll him or her in puppy obedience training right away.

The foremost priority every new dog owner should have is making sure that their dog learns the foundations of good behavior right away. If training is not prioritized, then your dog may learn the wrong habits or that it is okay to misbehave.

Often, when we encounter adult dogs that frequently rip up the upholstery on living room furniture or go to the bathroom inside the house, they had not received proper training as a puppy and have developed anxiety.

In our view, a puppy is ready to start puppy training when they are between 6 and 8 weeks of age. At this age in their development, they can learn the meaning of basic commands with relative ease.

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Puppy Training 101

It is hard to overstate the importance of puppy training, especially for puppies that have recently been rescued or brought home from shelters. When our clients walk through the door, one of the first questions they ask us is what command their dog will learn first. The answer is the all-important word for training obedience: the word “no.”

The earlier you can ensure that your dog understands the word “no,” the better. If a dog can go through their adolescent years without understanding the importance of “no,” then there is little hope that it will be able to bloom into a mature and respectful adult. That is why our first objective at iTrainK9 Dog Training school is to ensure that every dog understands this pivotal command.

Next, make sure that dogs are appropriately rewarded for their good behavior. For example, a dog that sits still on command or stays in place when asked is always given some type of reward in return.

After graduation from puppy training, all dog owners are briefed and given a lesson about homeschooling. This is because puppy training encompasses more than the few weeks that the dog is in the classroom—after leaving class, it is the owner’s job to ensure that the commands are respected and closely replicated at home. Usually, this involves handing reinforcing good behavior and holding the dog responsible for bad behavior.

The Benefits of Puppy Training

As a dog owner, there are few investments more important than having your dog trained by experts. This is because there are myriad benefits to puppy training that often go unappreciated by owners. Here are some of our favorite reasons why puppy training is a wise investment for all dog owners:

  • Establishes a closer connection between dog and owner
  • Makes management easier and more natural
  • Makes dog friendlier and more sociable to strangers
  • Saves time teaching the dog on your own
  • Creates and safer and more hospitable home environment
  • Makes for a fun, loving, and stress-free relationship
  • Creates a calm state of mind and confidence

Unless you are dedicated to spending countless hours teaching your dog new commands and going through the hassle of disciplining your puppy, taking them to a training program is your best bet. By attending puppy training, they will be able to socialize with others, learn from experts, and discover their unique personality without tearing up your living room furniture in the process.

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Is It Worth It?

Ask anyone who has put their puppy or dog through obedience training—the answer is a resounding yes. If you don’t believe us, just imagine how difficult it would be if you tried teaching your dog how to properly behave on your own after it has already grown to a year of age. In most cases, teaching an older dog how to learn commands for the first time is a near-impossible task.

That’s why puppy training is worth every penny. When you take your new buddy to puppy training, they can learn the foundations of the owner-dog relationship, the importance of authority, how to deal with their own reactivity, and learn to stay calm all within a safe and supportive environment.

Respect: The First Principle for Puppy Training

At iTrainK9 Dog Training, the first principle in dog training is respect. If your dog does not understand the importance of respecting its owner, your relationship with the dog is doomed. That is why our expert dog trainers do not settle for “understanding” alone. Instead, they make sure that every puppy graduates with a newfound respect for authority and your rightful place as its owner.

Get Started Today

If you have recently brought home a puppy, or intend to in the future, we strongly recommend inquiring about puppy training near you. By investing in puppy training by qualified canine experts, you can rest assured that your little guy will grow into a respectful and well-mannered adult dog.

To get started with your puppy’s enrolment, or to inquire about the host of Toronto puppy training services we offer at iTrainK9, visit our Board & Train page today. With the help of our affordable two, three, and four-week puppy training programs, your dog can get a head start on its obedience training and develop a fun yet gentle personality.

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