Sleeping Dog

Target Your Dogs State Of Mind

October 25, 2019
By Jason Trainer

Allow Your Dog To Relax

There are so many owners out there who are under the impression that dogs need to be constantly doing something.  A dog that is constantly doing something is a dog who can’t “turn off” and relax.

Instead of teaching your dog to rely on constant physical exercise, train them to slow down and work on their state of mind will help them make better choices.

A dog that practices doing a whole lot of nothing, is a dog who doesn’t constantly “need” things to keep it busy.

A dog with a calm and stable state of mind is a dog who can observe its surroundings, learn self-control, is better at problem-solving and can actually relax!

Physical activity is definitely important towards your dog's health but if you rely on this to try and keep your dog calm you will have to do more and more as time goes on. You are essentially building an athlete. Just as if we were to go to the gym, our bodies need more and more to get tired. Your dog is the same.

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