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Stop Feeling Sorry For Your Dog

June 5, 2020
By Jason Trainer

Feeling Sorry Does Not Help Your Dog

Many times owners feel bad because of what may or may not have happened to the dog they adopted.  Sometimes rescue stories have been made up or even if they weren’t, you shouldn’t let it affect how you feel towards your dog.
Your job as the owner of a rescue dog isn’t to continuously coddle, allow free roam, and feel sorry for them. This is a huge mistake and creates a dog with behaviour issues. You may not know it yet, but you will soon realize that you’re creating a nightmare dog who has more issues than when he was rescued.

By holding on to what happened, you have already set the tone for what life you’re going to give your dog. Meaning, coddling your dog when he’s scared, sweet-talking and the list goes on. Keep this up and your dog will surely take over the household, stop listening, start acting out, etc.
Stop feeding your dog the soft stuff. You are disabling him. It is not fair to put all of your emotions on to a dog who probably has a hard time with his own.

Your dog is ready to move on and become a strong-minded, calm, happy, and most importantly STABLE member of your family.
Your rescue dog needs rules and boundaries, environmental exposure, strict structure, and a leader!!! This will create a much healthier state of mind for your dog. Your dog will soon start to trust and respect you.
Be the pack leader that your dog needs you to be.

iTrainK9 specializes in behaviour modification and rehab by educating the struggling dog owner and improving their dog’s state of mind and overall lifestyle.

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