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Rules aren’t meant to be broken. Period.

May 1, 2020
By Jason Trainer

Do Not Allow Your Dog To Break Your Rules

If you set a rule for your dog that rule should be set forever. Allowing your dog to get away with it “just once” is not only confusing to your dog but your dog has also learned that that rule is not set in stone. Dogs are opportunists. They will take advantage of a situation anytime they can. Give them an inch and they will take a mile.
Anyone who is in contact with your dog should understand the rules you have set. It doesn’t matter what your relationship is with that person. When you are consistent with holding your dog accountable with the rules and boundaries you have set, you are setting yourself and your dog up for success.
Not consistent? You are creating an unclear relationship with your dog and confusion as to what is to be expected...

Remember this. It doesn’t matter how you feel at any point in time, do not allow your dog to bend, break or test your rules and boundaries. .
This goes for commands as well. If you consistently allow your dog to chose when he obeys a command or you “ask” your dog to do something,  who is really in charge ?

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