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Quit Being Led By Your Dog

July 6, 2020
By Jason Trainer

Does your dog walk up and rub against you or nudge your hand. Is your reaction to pet him?

Without even realizing it, your dog is now learning to lead you. A dog that is unruly in the home could start from simple mistakes that we make without even realizing that we are doing it. And that mistake is giving in to what the dog wants, on a daily basis.

You need to stop Demand Barking

Do you give your dog something every time it barks, to stop it from barking?

Well, you’ve just now started a behaviour we call “demand barking” because your dog is telling you what to do. And the more we do it, the worse it gets.

Your dog will now become needy and bratty because it constantly is rewarded for these behaviours. Every second that you are with your dog, it is analyzing you and figuring you out. What you allow WILL become your reality in all cases.

The same goes for giving a dog a treat when he/she walks up and looks at you. Don’t give in to these simple tricks your dog is playing with you. From now on, when your dog nudges your hand, push him/her away or when the dog barks, correct it, and when your dog walks up and looks at you for a treat, ignore it or but it into command.

Don’t let your dog train you. And remember, training doesn’t just happen during Dog Training Sessions it happens every minute of the day when you are with your dog.

Don’t get lazy, pay attention to your dog.

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