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Make Sure To Utilize Proper Punishment During Training

February 25, 2019
By Jason Trainer

Don’t be afraid to give your dog a correction ESPECIALLY in public and other people are around.

If your dog needs to be corrected than it needs to be corrected regardless of who is there.

So what if your dog vocalizes? If the opportunity is there than take it.

Sure, people may look at you funny and think ridiculous things and that's because they don’t understand the power of corrections.

Society has turned so soft and their dogs are controlling their lives. Jumping all over guests, stealing food from the table, forcing their owners to pet them on demand, acting out with no consequence, destroying furniture, mouthing skin to the point the owner bleeds, knocking kids over...the list goes on

Hold your dog responsible for bad behavior

Don’t let your dog get away with nonsense. Hold your dog responsible for bad behavior. It’s so simple and yet people are making it so complicated.
If your dog is physically hurting another animal or person and you won’t correct it than there is something VERY wrong with that situation.

Your life will be much less stressful after our dog knows what it can and CANT do.

Isn’t dog ownership supposed to be about enjoying a well mannered dog who knows and abides by your rules anyways ?

People hate the word punishment or correction. Well punishment is a part of ALL animal learning and is a part of the 4 quadrants of operant conditioning - positive and negative reinforcement and positive and negative punishment. Use all four and life with your dog will improve drastically.

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