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Is Your Dog Biting Your Kids?

April 13, 2020
By Jason Trainer

Let’s first point out, that before a dog bites they give of signs of stress, fear or aggression before the actual bite. Usually, people are bitten because they do not respect or have no knowledge of what to look for before this reaction.

How To Prevent Your Dog From Biting

The Don’ts

  • Never approach a dog that is not with its owner
  • Never tease a dog through fences, car windows, etc
  • Don’t be impulsive around a dog`s personal space
  • If a dog wags its tail it does not always mean it is happy
  • Don’t disturb a dog who is sleeping
  • Ask the owner of a dog for permission to pet their dog; you never know the temperament or training of someone else’s dog
  • When greeting a dog, let it sniff you first and do NOT stick your hand out
  • Pet the dog under the chin, not on top of the head
  • Do not startle a dog from behind
  • Don’t touch any injured spots on your dog
  • Do not climb, step on or invade personal space
  • Grab the dogs head and kiss it
  • Steal dogs toys
  • Don’t pester the dog

***** ”THE FREEZE”, if a dog suddenly freezes, closes its mouth, stops wagging his tail, you must create space between you and PAY ATTENTION! *****

We recommend printing this out and going over it with your family.

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