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Is Positive Reinforcement Effective?

July 27, 2020
By Jason Trainer

Positive Reinforcement Does Not Stop Bad Behaviour

This is a very big topic and likely a controversial one for those who do not understand the term “punishment” or how to properly apply it.

Punishment is a part of all animal learning period!!

Yet so many are trying to get around this and continue to fail. We have taken a lot of dogs who have seen previous trainers that have had little to no success when it comes to preventing bad behaviour. Sure the obedience was great and it’s not surprising because positive reinforcement is amazing for teaching what we want but it DOES NOT WORK for preventing or limiting poor behaviour. We aren’t bashing anybody we are just trying to get the right education out there. In our programs, we do use positive reinforcement on all of the dogs that come in. We use lots of motivation through toy, food, praise, movement etc. Though these work to teach behaviour, again they do not prevent it.

Please ensure that when inquiring about your dog’s behaviour that the trainer you chose understands punishment and positive reinforcement. A trainer who is well rounded with a variety of tools and methods is best.

iTrainK9 specializes in behaviour modification and rehab by educating the struggling dog owner and improving their dogs state of mind and overall lifestyle.

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