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How to Act Around Your Dog

May 25, 2021
By Jason Trainer

Improve Your Relationship with Your Dog

There is not much better than having a healthy and well-balanced relationship with your dog. For those of you who have one, you know what I’m talking about. For those of you that do not, you can still have one! As with anything worthwhile having a healthy and well-balanced relationship requires a lot of work.

Having a dog who is calm, relaxed and obedient around family and friends is especially important. If you have an unruly dog, it can have negative effects on your relationships with family and friends.

If you want to improve the relationship you have with your dog for the better keep reading!

You Are the Leader

  1. All dogs do best with structure, rules, and boundaries. Putting these in place instead of giving your dog free roam, unearned praise and treats and babying your dog will change your dogs behaviour and mindset drastically.
  2. Being consistent with structure, rules and boundaries is important so your dog can know it is permanent. Everyone in your family should be on the same page. Anyone that comes to your home or interacts with your dog should also be on the same page.
  3. Your dog must be held responsible for its obedience. You can improve on this by creating more engagement with your dog and understanding how dog training works.

Are You Babying Your Dog?

Babying is a huge issue with dog owners. Unfortunately, this is the wrong approach and creates a variety of behavioural issues and even death due to euthanasia. Loving your dog is normal but loving your dog without boundaries is not. The one thing in common with the dogs we have trained with severe issues is that their owners started off with spoiling, babying and allowing free reign of their home.

Spend the Right Amount of Time with Your Dog

It is easy to spend too much time with your dog. Doing this can create an unhealthy attachment that can lead to serious consequences.

When we raise our dogs appropriately so they can become independent, have confidence, be calm and well-mannered, both ours’ and our dog’s lives are much improved. Preventing or limiting things like anxiety, nervousness, insecurities and improving confidence, independence and most importantly state of mind!

The iTK9 Way

At iTK9 we educate dogs and their owners. Owner education is often overlooked so we ensure to provide you wit the necessary tools and knowledge to continuously improve the relationship and life and you and your dog.

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