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Has Your Dog's Behaviour Regressed Since Training?

March 10, 2020
By Jason Trainer

If Your Dog Has Regressed Since Training With Your Trainer You Need To Read This

Sending your dog to training is only part of the process. During the board and train, our job is to teach your dog how to live in a healthier state of mind so you can continue training for a lifetime. Training never ends… ever.

Your dog can behave perfectly with us because we hold them accountable for their actions and put in the necessary work. It is so important that you learn the proper skills to continue training your dog, and to be firm and confident in maintaining all rules and structure. If you chose not to change how you interact and live with your dog after training, then training will regress and your dog will go back to their old bad habits and behaviours. There is no getting around this.

What You Need To Do

Dog training is also it’s about you. You will need to learn how to:

  • be a leader
  • control and restrict privileges and freedom
  • be comfortable being uncomfortable
    • making the hard decisions and advocating for your dog(telling people off)
    • correct your dog when it needs to be corrected
  • be your dog’s guardian

Training is a way of life. It’s day by day, interaction by interaction.  If you stop training, things will go back to the way they were before. You have to be consistent, pay attention to detail and not be random about your approach to your dog.

Dogs succeed when rules are clear, they know what to expect and everything is consistent.

The message is this: If you continue your old patterns/lifestyle after your dog comes home from training, then your dog will fall back into their old habits and will only regress.

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