Dog Growling and Resource Guarding

Dog Behaviour Modification Tips

December 22, 2018
By Jason Trainer

Changing a dog's behaviour that has been rehearsed for many months or years, is not likely not completely change in a couple of weeks, instead it will take our program plus a couple months of getting things right back at home.

Dog Behaviour Modification

During the Behaviour Modification program they can drastically improve. This means you will have to ask yourself if you’re 100 percent dedicated to the success of your dog-sticking to the training program and the rules and boundaries. And not just you, every person in the household or who comes into the house hold. When you or any family member take your dog out all of the same apply. Everyone must be doing things the same way, for how long? It could take years if the dog has deep issues.

If you have a dog with serious issues, please ask yourself if you are going to be able to take on this task. Being consistent and following through with what your dog needs for a long period of time is not easy for some but it is worth it.

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