Correcting Your Dog In A Public Setting

October 8, 2020
By Jason Trainer

Do you offer corrections to your dog when they need to be corrected regardless of who’s around? If there is an opportunity to correct your dog for poor or nonsense behaviour, then the dog must be corrected immediately regardless of the situation, who is around, etc. It seems to be a common problem with many of us humans. That problem is caring about what others think even though we know we are doing the right thing. If we don’t correct our dog or even time the correction badly because we are uncomfortable, we might as well just let your dog act how it wants.

Missed corrections because there are other people around are no excuse. Our priority is our dog's mental and physical state. Not everyone understands what punishment means when our dogs are dealing with minor to severe behaviour issues and who cares if they do? Other people’s opinions don’t matter, period! Sometimes it may be hard to give a higher level correction to your dog because of the vocal response that may follow. Although it’s hard, don’t lose sight on the final goal and results we are looking to achieve. Ask yourself this question. Is the goal of training your dog to make others happy and let your dog continue to live in a chaotic state of mind? Or is the goal to improve your dog’s state of mind.

In every situation, environment and scenario regardless of who is watching, we will correct a dog that needs correction because those are the times that will help improve your dog’s behaviour. By not doing so, you are doing yourself and your dog disfavour. Learn to say “NO” to bad behaviour. We can’t correct our dogs for behaviour in one situation and not another. It is unfair to the dog, who will now be confused and it will regress our training. Rules are rules, they aren’t meant to be broken.

Don't let others opinions stop you from doing whats right and stop you and your dog from achieving your goals!

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