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Be Prepared to Struggle During Dog Training

November 4, 2018
By Jason Trainer

Yes, you will struggle whether you’re training your dog yourself, going to a trainer or your dog has come home from a board and train.

Your dog will shut down, you will be overwhelmed and may want to give up, your dog will be confused, and your dog will push the limits. This is completely normal and part of the Dog Training process. Your success will be how you handle these moments.

Struggle is a part, Don't Give Up

The important part is that you don’t give up. Don’t forget that dog training is continuous and there is always another session and another day to try again. During times like this, make sure to end on a good note and not to bring negativity to your training sessions.

Keep in mind what the end goal is. Whether you’re training for sport, obedience or behaviour modification, don’t give up on yourself or your dog. The results will come!

Remember, yours dogs good behaviour IS worth having and IS worth waiting for but it won’t come without a little bit of a struggle, patience and A LOT of consistency.

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