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About iTrainK9

Board & Train Programs

Changing a dog's behaviour does not happen overnight and you need to consider that environment plays an important role. Having 24 hr access to your animal while training him/her in different environments is a must.
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Focus On A Happy Lifestyle

Our Main Programs

Our dog obedience programs focus on unlearning and re-learning new habits, teaching and improving obedience, and providing your dog with proper socialization. We address behavioural issues by building a balanced relationship with your dog, incorporating new structures, and showing your dog how to make better choices. This helps to ensure that the behaviour and obedience learned can be easily transferred and implemented at home.

Board & Train programs allow for comprehensive training over a shorter period and for a more tailored experience.

What is included in our program?

In-Person Learning:

Midway progress training video, 2 go home lesson, & monthly refresher classes.

Online Learning:

Owner education course, instructional training videos, iTK9 member community, & additional training resources.

Owner Support:

Photo updates of your dog training with our team, & access to our team for questions & support.

2 Week Shortcut

2 Week Program

What life looks like for you right now: 

You dread going for walks. Your dog pulls you down the street and to make it worse, reacts to other dogs and animals. At any opportunity, your dog is jumping on the counters and trying to steal food. Leave the blinds open? Well, now your dog is barking at anything that passes by. Forget about having guests come over because your dog won't stop jumping up on them. Want to go to the bathroom? Guess who's coming? --- Yep. It's your dog, clinging to your every move.

The solution? ... 2 weeks with us!

Your life after our 2-Week Shortcut: 

You will be able to enjoy calm walks with your dog. Guests will want to come over because of your dog. No more barking out of the window, and no more jumping on the kitchen counter!

Not only will your dog's behaviour dramatically improve within this short period. But we will also give you the tools and knowledge that are necessary for you to be able to maintain your new and improved dog's behaviour on your own.

Excessive Barking
Leash Pulling
Reacting To Dogs Or Other Animals
Stealing Food Off The Counters
Barging Through Doorways
Jumping On Guests

The Great Reset

3 Week Program

Does your dog struggle with anxiety and low confidence? Hasn't been properly socialized (especially post-pandemic) and is generally nervous in new environments? Having an overly dependent dog can be extremely frustrating and can add extra workload to your caretaking responsibilities.

Transform your dog into one that is confident, attentive, reliable and trustworthy!

Our 'Great Reset' program assists in not only getting rid of behaviours such as - leash reactivity, doorbell reactivity and jumping. We also focus on building your dog's self-esteem and independence.   With an additional week (compared to our 'Shortcut' program), we are able to give your dog the extra time and space to adapt to newly formed behavioural patterns and further work on all areas of weaknesses.

Anxious / Fearful Behaviour
Fearful Behaviour
Excessive Barking
Leash Pulling
Reacting To Dogs Or Other Animals
Stealing Food Off The Counters
Barging Through Doorways
Jumping On Guests
Invading At-home Workspace

The Puppy Blueprint

3 Week Program

Got a new puppy and don't know where to start?

Let us give you the blueprint! It's important to shape good habits from a young age, getting it right the first time is crucial for their success. Your puppy will learn all of the basics to maneuver in a home. 

Putting Objects In Mouth
Excessive Barking
Walking On Leash

Operation Freedom

4 Week Program

Ever dreamt about having your dog come every time you call it? To allow your dog the freedom it deserves? To be able to explore but know he'll respond every time you ask?

We will teach your dog to be completely leash free! Your dog will be able to:

Sit & Stay
Down & Stay
Stay On Place
Come When Called
Walk At Your Side Without A Leash
Wait At Doorways

1 Year Unlimited

8 Week Program
Full Behaviour Modification, ON and OFF-Leash Obedience
On Leash Obedience: walking nicely on leash, sit, down, heel, doorway thresholds
Off Leash Obedience: walking at your side without a leash, sit, down, stay, doorway thresholds, recall
Behaviour Modification: jumping, leash and doorbell reactivity, barking, anxiety, nervousness, counter-surfing
Treadmill Training: walking and running

And That Is Not All!

Unlimited boarding for 1 year
Unlimited private sessions at our facility 1 year
Free online programs current and upcoming for life
5 in home private lessons used within 1 year
Unlimited access to our lead trainer via cell phone for 1 year

Have Multiple Dogs in Your Household?

Bundle and save when you purchase 2 or more programs.
Janet Plastow
Janet Plastow
We got a lovely Aussiedoodle in December 2021. We had lost our pup of 15 years and had many months of sadness and a very quiet house. We were so excited to bring Archie home. The first few months were very stressful. He had a ton of energy and despite puppy classes, books read, Utube videos and a lot of time things were only getting worse. We searched out ITrainK9 and sent our pup for the 4 weeks of lodge and train. We had hopes for sure but were also not sure how effective things would be when we got home. The team was fantastic. Steve put us at ease right off the bat. We picked Archie up 1 month later and although we had to learn and continue to be strict when we got home the relief was huge. Archie is a new dog.. there is no other way to say it. We have been home for about 5 months and he has been wonderful. He is still a puppy at 1 year but so easy to walk, no jumping, follows commands and because of that we have a much stronger connection with him. For those considering the program and are hesitant.. don’t be you will be wonderfully surprised and impressed. Now the house is happy and we are loving us some Archie! Thank you team…
Dave Spratt
Dave Spratt
My 11month old Ella just returned from the 2 week training program with iTrainK9 and all I can say is wow! What a difference in her behavior and mannerism. She is a different puppy. She walks so well, I take her without having my arm pulled off. Other dogs pass and she just trots along like they are not even there. Family and friends greet her without being jumped on. She doesn't bark at every person and dog that passes the house. Her ability to stay on "place" is amazing. ALL of the staff there are friendly, skilled and knowledgable. Their love for dogs and their well being is quite obvious. I am so thrilled with the results. thank you so much
Irene Caruso
Irene Caruso
I have taken my lab there 3 times, each time I go away, and I have a well behaved, friendly dog. People are always impressed at how she behaves especially off leash. The staff is so friendly and always happy to answer any questions. I will be taking her back soon for boarding.
Kyle Kismarton
Kyle Kismarton
We have a GSD named koda. She was enrolled in the 2 week intensive program as recommended based off of conversations with a trainer about goals and issues with our current situation. I could not be happier with the progress and constant support from the team at Itraink9! They make constant use of the resources they have created to inform and build confidence in us as owners so we can reflect that back to our dogs. The come home lesson was super helpful and they really made sure we could understand the cues our dog was sending us that we may have missed before. They will be the first to tell you that the work is not done once your dog comes home. We have received awesome written lessons with attached video lessons so you know you are doing the exercises accurately. We are heading into week 4 of her being home alone and she has made so much progress we couldn't be more proud of her and her growth. You should absolutely consider itraink9 whether you have a young puppy or an adult that you'd just like to see some improvement in. It is a huge weight lifted off our shoulders now that we are structured and knowledgeable in our training.
Vic Kat
Vic Kat
Absolutely love this training facility! My dog Bentley was 7 months old when I sent him and it’s been 8 months since he came home, things couldn’t be better! He did their general obedience course and it really taught him how to respond and act in certain situations. As well as all the basic commands plus walking in a heel! Genuinely can’t stop talking about this place to friends and family. Anytime someone meets him they’re blown away by his amazing behaviour especially for his age.
Vanessa Faria
Vanessa Faria
I brought Luna in to work on leash aggression, impulse control, and overall boundaries and obedience. She and I have had a bunch of difficult times around her triggers of other dogs, things that move fast or startle her and she’s super strong so I was struggling. When she completed her 2 weeks at iTrainK9 she was so much more calm, clear and knowing what she needed to be doing - which in turn helped me feel confident and clear with what I needed to do to support her! The team was so great and made sure we felt confident with our new training program and tips before we went home. Since she’s been back, she’s been so much better and easier to manage. She’s also much more chill inside, doesn’t bark at things as much and we are both feeling way more at ease and connected in a healthy way! I’m now having fun with my dog again! So grateful!
Tegan Nitkunanandan
Tegan Nitkunanandan
It's been almost 8 weeks since we brought our 7 month old Aussiedoodle, Arlo, for the 2 week board & train program. What. A. Difference! Leaving your puppy can be stressful- I can say, without a doubt- this was the best thing we did for Arlo! We enjoyed the updates along the way and when we picked him up, we were very impressed! Very obedient, no longer jumps up on family members and overall- excellent behaviour and still the same loving, playful puppy. Love the online training & community as well. We would not hesitate to recommend to anyone. Thank you!!
Tricia Simons
Tricia Simons
So extremely happy with the services. Our dog was on his last chance due to unpredictable behaviour, aggression, barking and total lack of knowing how to just be a dog. We got back an obedient, quiet, happier dog who everyone loves being around. Thank you team for saving his life for us!
Chris Chapman
Chris Chapman
We were nervous to send our four year old husky Mishka away for a month but it was well worth it. Mishka was high energy and wasn't interested in listening to us. Training was like a 180 with listening and general calmness. She's also much better behaved off-leash with recall even though off-leash wasn't part of her training program. The team clearly knows what they are doing, good job!

iTK9 Extras

Training & Support At Home

Training your dog is a continuous effort and doesn't stop when you get home. iTK9 is committed to seeing the animals who go through our programs succeed. This is why we work to go above and beyond to train in different environments and provide you with the tools you need to continue shaping your dog's positive behaviour into the future. 

Supporting Material & Training

  • Owner education & training handouts on how to maintain a successful lifestyle and healthy relationship with your dog.
  • 8-12 instructional training videos so you feel confident in training your dog at home.
  • 1-hour go-home lesson
  • 3 months of support via email and video.

Your Commitment

Complete our owner education course
Follow our instructional videos
Apply the training into your daily routine
Join the iTK9 community

Our Promise

Show positive change in your dogs behaviour
Ensure your dog is safe and healthy 24/7
Educate and support you to ensure success
Improve the relationship and communication between you and your dog

What Does Life Look Like After Our Program?

Enjoyable walks on a loose leash without the worry of poor behaviour
No more uncontrolled barking or jumping at or on guests
A calm household with a dog understands their role
A dog who listens and wants to perform
Contact our team & find the right program for you & your dog
Boarder Collie Sitting and Smiling

Follow the pack

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