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Board & Train Dog Programs

Changing a dog's behaviour does not happen overnight and you need to consider that environment plays an important role. Having 24 hr access to your animal while training him/her in different environments is a must.
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It Takes Time

Our Main Programs

Every dog that goes through one of our programs is trained in different environments. This helps ensure that behaviour is properly established instead of just seen as a way to behave when with us. Depending on the length of program you choose, expect a minimum of 7 field trips (up to 21) for your dog to learn proper behaviour across different environments. Further, as part of our board & train programs, your dog will be socialized with other dogs - an especially important aspect when considering socialization skills.

2 Weeks

4 Weeks

6 Weeks

Loose Leash Walking
Doorbell Reactivity
Dog Aggression
Human Aggression

Something For Everyone

Additional Programs

The above chart displays some of the elements your dog will learn in one of our more popular programs. If you are looking for something different, we offer 2 other courses in addition to the ones above.

8 Week Board & Train

8 Weeks is a long time but also allows us the most amount of time to practice being successful in every area of your dogs training whether it is reliable obedience or significantly improving on any behaviour issues. This program also allows us to spend the most amount of time in every environment and really get the absolute best out of your dog.

3 Week Board & Train Refresher

Sometimes life gets busy or things happen out of our control that can have a negative impact on our dog’s behaviour and previous training. This program is for dogs who have previously attended a board and train program and need to get back on track. We will improve on any and all behaviour or commands that were taught but have regressed since your dog has been home.

ITK9 Extras

Training & Support At Home

Training your dog is a continuous effort and doesn't stop when you get home. ITK9 is committed to seeing the animals who go through our programs succeed. This is why we work to go above and beyond to train in different environments and provide you with the tools you need to continue shaping your dog's positive behaviour into the future. 

Supporting Material & Training

  • Owner education & training handouts on how to maintain a successful lifestyle and healthy relationship with your dog.
  • 8-12 instructional training videos so you feel confident in training your dog at home.
  • 1 hour go-home lesson
  • 3 months of support via email and video.

Every Dog Is Different

What You Can Expect

Different Dogs require different approaches to training. Perhaps you are just looking for the "bare bones" and want your dog to be able to sit and walk properly on a leash. Maybe you are scared, while walking down the street, that your animal will lash out and hurt someone. Both scenarios are valid and both require a different approach to behaviour modification. Understanding different scenarios and how you want your dog to develop is an important first step in deciding the type of training needed.

Training A Puppy

Minimum Age: 10 Weeks Old
Minimum Time Commitment: 4 Weeks
Building a proper foundation will help create a path towards a happy and healthy lifestyle. It can be tough to be separated from your new puppy but you both will benefit in the long run.
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An Obedient Dog Sitting

Obedience Training

Minimum Time Commitment: 4 Weeks
It is imperative that dogs have routine and structure in their lives. Lack of this structure contributes to stress and anxiety, as it does for people.

Behaviour Rehabilitation

Minimum Time Commitment: 6 Weeks
Working with issues such as human aggression, anxiety, fear based behaviour, nervousness, etc. take a great deal of time. It is important to us that we are able to lay a solid foundation and communication system with your dog before addressing behavioural issues.
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