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Will, my dog remember me? Will my dog's personality change?

By Jason Trainer  •  May 25, 2020  •  

The Answer Is ... YES!

Your dog will remember you as its original owner. Not only that, but once the new structure and lifestyle start back home, they will trust, respect, and love you much more than before.

The reason for this is because now you will have the skills to be a stable leader for your dog. You’ll understand how your dog communicates, what your dog’s needs are, and how to maintain the new and improved relationship.

Your dog’s personality is it’s own. It won’t change because of our program. Your dog will be the best version of itself after training. This is because it will now clearly understand how to live among us humans. It will know what we don’t like and what we like. If your dog is goofy, it will still be goofy but goofy in a much more controlled way!

Traits like nervousness, anxiety, aggression, fear, etc will all have been improved and help your dog be the best version of itself with more confidence, trust, and enjoyment.

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