The Truth About Fixing Your Dog

By Jason Trainer  •  May 11, 2020  •  

Fixing Dogs

Imagine if we could actually COMPLETELY “fix” dogs. One misconception is that rehabilitation will completely “fix” your dog. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is there is no quick “fix” for rehabilitating a dog. Don’t let trainers trick you into thinking all of your dog’s issues will just disappear. Does a drug addict really get “fixed” from going to rehab? No. They have to maintain a specific lifestyle to stay sober or change the way they feel about their addiction. The lifestyle and structure they were taught in rehabilitation must be maintained.

True Behaviour Modification Takes Time

With training, we can make amazing transformations, improvements, and changes. However, all dogs will still have their own personalities and genetics. After a solid dog training program, they will still be themselves but a much better version of themselves! This can be maintained through continuing to follow the specific routine and training provided by us.

Each dog has their own past that affects the emotional state of each dog very differently. Some dogs will make better transformations than others depending on many factors. The goal should be to make improvements, to maintain those improvements, and to continue training to improve our dog’s state of mind and lifestyle.

Through behaviour modification training and working as a team (owner and trainer), the behaviour issues will fade away with time after we have laid a very solid foundation. We have to work our dogs through their triggers and thresholds continuously. We want to change how your dog FEELS about certain situations that he struggles in.

Remember, dog training is for life! It happens every time you and your dog interact, it doesn’t stop.

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