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Is Your Dog Socializing Right?

By Jason Trainer  •  August 17, 2020  •  

How Should Your Dog Be Socializing?

Socializing is interacting or playing with other dogs. WRONG.

Socializing is actually having your dog calm and relaxed around other dogs without the need to interact or display any type of negative behaviour.

It is also when your dog can listen to your every command in a variety of different environments with a variety of different distractions.

The ITrainK9 one month board & train obedience program focuses on teaching your dog to remain calm in various environments and work on their issues.

Your dog will learn to be recalled reliably, sit, stay, down, drop it, car & crate manners, indoor off-leash, environmental exposure and more.

We address multiple behavioural issues including leash pulling, doorbell reactivity, jumping, excessive or demanding barking, etc.

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