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Is Your Dog a Brat?

By Jason Trainer  •  January 24, 2020  •  

What Do We Mean By Brat?

We mean, the dog has always gotten what it wants and there were no rules being enforced. Bratty dogs are often given treats for no reason, coddled excessively, allowed to free roam, and demand bark when they want something. They nudge their owners whenever they want to be pet and are up on the couch/ bed whenever they please. These dogs often control the entire household.

Bratty Dogs is like a Spoiled Child

Bratty dogs, just like kids, will lash out when they don’t get what they want- temper tantrum. Temper tantrums include excessively barking, snapping or biting when frustrated because of lack of impulse control. They will try to control every situation because they are used to being in charge. They likely control walks, pull on the leash and react to other dogs.

From the beginning set rules and boundaries, get professional training and turn it into a lifestyle.

Dog ownership and training is a WAY OF LIFE!

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