Give Your Dog The Time To Adjust To A New Lifestyle

By Jason Trainer  •  April 27, 2020  •  

Give Your Dog Time To Adjust To A New Lifestyle

There is a reason we do a MINIMUM of 4 weeks when it comes to behavioural issues.

Dogs need time to adjust to the new lifestyle we create. They also are being reprogrammed.

How is it realistic to say 4 weeks is a long time away from your dog when you’ve been allowing behaviour issues for months or years?

Any dog rehearsing behaviour issues for long periods of time or dogs who have intense behaviours and maybe even some who are genetically based need time.

We don’t care if you’re going to miss your dog. Why!!? Because it’s not all about YOU!  It’s your dog’s behaviour and the relationship between you and your dog that matters. If it takes time away from each other who cares? It’s about what’s best for your dog right?

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