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5 Things That May Stress Your Dog Out

By Jason Trainer  •  November 23, 2020  •  

1. Change in routine.

It is important to create a consistent and predictable daily structure so your dog knows exactly what to expect.

2. Separation

From the get-go it is important that a part of your dog's day includes time to himself, even if you are home. If you spend all day and all night giving your dog attention it will create “separation anxiety” which can become a very serious issue in some dogs.

3. New things

An important aspect of training is environmental exposure. Without this, your dog may not be able to settle into new environments. An example is moving to a new house. Your dog may struggle or develop anxiety because it is uncertain. When moving to a new home it is also important to try and keep the same structure as your previous household to help your dog settle

4. Improper Punishment

Before punishing your dog it is important to see a professional balanced trainer. The timing and type of correction are specific to what behaviour your dog is displaying, the intensity, frequency of the behaviour, and the temperament of your dog.

5. Invading Your Dogs Personal Space

Not every dog wants to meet every person or dog or have you come over to its bed every 5 minutes and pet it. Dogs need time to themselves too.

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