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Shashank P, Toronto: Cocoa

May 8, 2019
By Jason Trainer

We are writing our feedback almost 2 weeks after Cocoa is back home. We took our time to leave a review as we wanted to be as detailed as possible. To start off, Jason and Megan have done a tremendous job with our pup Cocoa. When Cocoa started his training, he was a 5 month old constantly overexcited puppy with high leash reactivity, bad greeting manners, barking, nipping, counter surfing, and going for our food among other things. Walking him was very stressful as was having people over. We took the PetSmart puppy training but it did not help us at all.

We were feeling pretty helpless when we fortunately found out about iTrainK9. After the 4 weeks board and train program with Jason, we have got back a well mannered, calm and obedient dog who we can now work with and follow the training guidelines at home. They have taught us how to effectively communicate with our dog in a way that works best both for Cocoa and us. That is very empowering in building a beautiful relationship with our pet.
Apart from the amazing work they’ve done with Cocoa, Jason and Megan have also been available to provide quick and clear responses on Instagram dm with any questions we had.
One of the things that really spoke to us in terms of the quality of their service was that Jason emailed us a couple of days before the end of the 4 week training and asked us if he could extend Cocoa’s stay by a week. This spoke volumes of their professionalism as he did not just want to get done with it and actually cared about delivering what he promised.
I strongly recommend iTrainK9 for all dog training needs. Having Cocoa train with them has made our experience of pet ownership so much more pleasant.

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