Shannyn W, York: Tyson

By Jason Trainer  •  May 8, 2019  •  

I am SOOO happy with the work done with Tyson. He’s only been home a day, but I am blown away by how he’s behaving! I used to be worried about taking him on walks downtown- frightened he would bite another dog or I would drop the leash and not be able to catch him!

It’s like I have a new dog! I’ve been walking him with a loose leash and have not been scared to pass other dogs! He stays by my site without charging ahead and behaves like a perfect gentlemen both on walks and at home.

The staff are always available for questions when I have any and respond so quickly! They are truly there for you if you need any help or guidance! He was so anxious and thought he was so tough before! Now Tyson is calm and happy and so am I. Thank you guys SO much! I’ll keep sending photos and updates as time passes !

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