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Kim T from Burlington: Daisy (Rottweiler)

May 8, 2019
By Jason Trainer

Jason impressed me immediately with the professional ,knowledgable and passionate way he talked about his dog training methods. It was only after I saw him interacting with my young Rottweiler, Daisy, that I realized how amazing this young man is!

Daisy spent 2 weeks of board and train with Jason and his team and I am thoroughly impressed with the results! I've owned dogs all my life and felt I could sufficiently train them. Not so with my very affectionate, sweet but highly stubborn Daisy.

Daisy came back to our family as a different dog in a very good positive way! Not only did Jason teach Daisy basic /advanced skills (that she had such a hard time learning with me) but he also made sure that I learned how to follow up and continue his training methods at home.

I am thrilled with Daisy now and all our family sees such a positive change in her!!! I can say with complete surety that Jason is a dog whisperer extraodinaire!!! I would highly recommend iTrainK9's to anyone looking for a top notch dog training school!!

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