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Katie E from Burlington: Katana - XL American bulldog

May 8, 2019
By Jason Trainer

I found iTrainK9 through instagram. I had been looking for a trainer for my American bulldog x mastiff, Katana. We had rescued Katana and did not know a ton about her history. She was very attached to me and VERY leash reactive with other dogs and people.

We had tried the PetSmart training which was terrible. They made us watch the training from outside the room because the trainer did not want her inside due to her reactivity. I met with Jason, Megan and Kat for an assessment and right away I knew they were going to be great for Katana. They gave an honest and fair assessment of her and recommendations.

We did a 4 week board and train and the results....amazing to say the least. They had Katana laying on place while other dogs and people were around, walking calmly on a leash by other dogs, and fantastic recall. I got video and picture updates regularly.

Megan provided us with a fantastic go home lesson to transfer all of the skills to home. I am now able to relax as i have a calm and relaxed dog. Knowing that the iTrainK9 team is just a phone call away is very reassuring! I would definitely recommend iTrainK9 to anyone who needs any training for their dog!

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