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Jacqueline D, North York: Duke

May 8, 2019
By Jason Trainer

Our dog used to behave like a disobedient teenager. He would bark all day long at everyone and everything that passed by our home. He would take over the sofa like it was his own. He would beg for food during meals. And don’t even get me started on how poorly he listened or how terrible his recall was.

After 5 weeks with Jason and his team, Duke is a very obedient and confident dog. He sits on place all day, every day. His recall and response to commands is vastly improved. He doesn’t beg for food, because he isn’t allowed to leave his bed unless we tell him to and that means he isn’t anywhere near the kitchen table. Same is to be said about activity on the sofa (it’s non existent). The best result for us though, is by far the progress made with his barking. We finally have a quiet home that we can enjoy, which, when you have two kids under two, is a blessing.

We are so pleased with the work that Jason and his team accomplished with Duke.

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