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Jaclyn T From Burlington: Finn

May 8, 2019
By Jason Trainer

We can’t thank Jason enough for his hard work, dedication and commitment to Finn our red Doberman. What a difference in him since he has come home; he is calmer, listens better and more focused. Finn has learned how to control his excitement and jumping up on people.

Jason taught us the tools we need to help Finn with this and other issues we had with him. Finn has also become an amazing walker. Sean can walk him down the street without worry. Finn remains focused on Sean and ignore what’s happening around him. Finn will either sit or lay down until the other dog or person passes. No barking, no jumping, nothing but pure focus and concentration on Sean!!

It’s truly amazing the knowledge and the ability Jason has to be able get down to the exact problem that your dog is having and gives you the knowledge to help your dog. He keeps you informed daily on how your dog is doing and the progress with text messages and videos. Jason is a one of kind trainer and we highly recommend him and his team. Keep up the amazing work that you guys are doing and we look forward to continue on working with Jason and his team to help with our Finny!

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