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Chris G , Toronto: Ozzie

May 8, 2019
By Jason Trainer

Jason, Megan and Kat are amazing! I've used many dog trainers in the past and without a doubt these guys are the best. I rescued my dog in Miami not knowing much about him. He had zero training, destructive in my house while I was gone and very reactive with other dogs which became a huge issue with me living in downtown Toronto. He also has a ton of energy that was next to impossible to manage.

I reached out to the team and had him in a 4 week board & train where I picked up what I thought was another dog. He no longer lunges at dogs, he listens and understands recall while being much calmer in the house and most importantly he's not chewing my pillows apart. Having Ozzie trained we're both living a better life as I'm able to bring him on hikes, walks downtown and bring friends over without him jumping all over them.

I've had Ozzie board with Kat multiple times since and I have never felt more comfortable leaving my dog away for a weekend then now. He absolutely loves both her and her dogs and comes back tired from the playtime.

The team is great and I'm happy to say that I have Ozzie in the advanced 4 week course right now and i'm excited to come back from travelling and see another monumental progression.

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