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Brent P from Oakville: Finley

May 8, 2019
By Jason Trainer

Finley had some issues when I adopted him with barrier frustration, reactivity, not listening and not being able to be calm around other dogs. When I first got Finley I tried your typical obedience class but they did not work on these issues and the advice they offered did not work. So I contacted Jason and scheduled an assessment. He recommended a board and train program, at first I was hesitant for a few reasons such as price, leaving Finley for a long period of time and if it the training would even work.

I can now say that after doing the board and train program that it was definitely worth it and I would do it again. Finley now has a solid training base and Jason has provided us with the tools necessary to continue training and it has been working wonderfully. He can now recall of out play with other dogs and out of other distracting situations, greet dogs and people calmy and learned a new thing called "place" which has been incredibly helpful.

Jason has been keeping in contact with me since I have gotten Finley back and has answered any of the questions that I have had. I would highly recommend iTrainK9 to anybody that is looking to train their dog, whether it is basic obedience or there are specific issues that your dog needs to work on.

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