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Aruba B from Milton: Rottweiler Rocky

May 8, 2019
By Jason Trainer

Our Rottweiler Rocky (1 yr 10 months) was placed into the full-time board and train program with Jay/iTrainK9 for 4 weeks. During the month Rocky was taught everything from; Leash Control, Walking, Sit & Stays, Recalls, Obedience Training, Aggression Control & the list goes on! We previously had Rocky in puppy & novice training when he was younger and unfortunately did not have a very good experience with the trainer, as the methods were very aggressive, uncomfortable and did not seem to help us, or Rocky.

Rocky had a couple private session with Jay/iTrainK9 prior to going away for the month & we knew right away that it was a perfect fit! The training is very customized and Jay works very professionally with the family and the dog to ensure that all aspects and concerns are highlighted and covered. We went over all of the scenarios we have experienced with Rocky thus far; from aggression, possessiveness over different items, controlling/dominant behaviour, & poor leash habits etc. We were able to come up with a plan and already see improvements in the first couple at-home sessions.

Our decision to board Rocky & have him receive full training, was the best one yet! Rocky returned home a week ago and has improved in so many ways; it is a wonderful thing to see! He is in great shape, very happy & has changed his behaviours and habits (mentioned above) all around! We will be continuing one-on-one training with Jay/iTrainK9 to ensure that we keep Rocky & ourselves consistent with everything he has been taught thus far. Our whole family is much more comfortable and knowledgeable now on how to handle Rocky. I highly recommend the services of iTrainK9 to every dog owner!

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