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Ashley S, Toronto: Royce

May 8, 2019
By Jason Trainer

I left my 2 year old Shar Pei mix, Royce, with them for 5 weeks for their board and train program. Before the program he was constantly anxious inside and outside the house with everything. He paced, and whined constantly about nothing, he was leash reactive with dogs, people, and children and he constantly bugged our other dog.

We’re now starting week 3 since having him back home and he is a completely different dog! I now look forward to our walks and he rarely reacts to anything, he doesn’t pace around the house and he’s overall a happier and more confident dog!

I highly recommend itrain K9 to anyone who is having any sort of behaviours issues with their dog. I am amazed by the progress he has made. I have tried many many trainers in the past and nothing helped. They take the time to teach the owners how to continue training and are available for questions at any point afterwards. They truly are amazing!

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