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We Don’t Rely on Harsh Physical Aversive

Training is about balance and figuring out what method or technique works best for each dog. It is also about ensuring your dog feels better about situations it previously struggled in. Balanced dog training ensures the use of both Classical Conditioning and Operant Conditioning. All animals, including dogs, learn through Operant Conditioning. Time and time again we have taken in dogs who have been to trainers who have only utilized one side of the quadrant and because of this have had limited success and left owners stressed, at a financial loss, and looking for answers.

Your dog works with multiple professional trainers multiple times a day for 4-8 weeks. The number of improvements we can make bars none to any other training program. Once your dog has made these improvements, we send you home with instructional videos, educational handouts, problem-solving sessions, and 3 months of continued support to ensure you and your dog's success back home. This transition may be the most important aspect of any training program as you are now your dog's trainer for life.

Unlike many private lessons, classes, and board and train programs we give you an education that will last a lifetime. Without the proper owner education, training, and tools no owner would be successful. If you do not continue to reinforce the behaviour and mindset your trainer has established, your dog will likely regress.

We Generalize Your Dogs Training to Make the Transition Back Home Easy

All of the behaviours that your dog learns at iTK9 are completely generalized and proofed to ensure they translate back home as you continue the training with the knowledge we have given you.

Your dog will take field trips to multiple different environments and work with multiple trainers. This shows the dog that everything expected with the primary handler is always expected regardless of the environment or who is holding the leash.


One of the biggest determinants of a successful dog training program, whether it is a board and train, private lesson or classes, is your family and friend's commitment to stick to the plan back home. We provide you with the education, tools, and instructions on how to maintain the success we have attained. Just like learning a new skill or language, if you do not practice consistently you lose fluency. We continue to educate our clients that training is never-ending.

Jason | Founder & Trainer at iTrainK9

Jason - founder and trainer

Founder & Trainer

Jason (Founder)

Jason founded iTrainK9 with the goal to help troubled and misguided dogs and their owners. People come to him for answers to their concerns about their dogs. He has worked with and learned a variety of techniques from many different professional dog trainers. Jason is a certified Professional Dog Trainer through the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) and continues to educate himself on all aspects of dog training and behaviour modification and is committed to improving the lives of dog owners by providing calm and well-mannered canines that become loved family members. He has a keen understanding of dog behaviour and their body language and uses multiple techniques to train them. He works with all breeds and is continuing to educate owners on his very successful and unique board and train programs.

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